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Monday, August 21, 2017

Auction Mishaps, and Happy Accidents

When I first started selling books nearly 15 years ago,  I went to an auction with the intention of buying a small  lot which included a nice  copy of Virginia Woolf’s  Mrs. Dalloway.  If you’ve never been to an auction, let me tell you, they go on FOREVER.  Being  a bit of a rookie, I got bored and went out for a coffee – but  I misjudged my timing and came back in as my lot was going through.  A bit ruffled  I joined in the bidding, and as the hammer went down  the auctioneer said ‘Madam I am glad he found a good home’ (Auctioneers in the Home Counties honestly do still call women Madam).  Confused I went to the desk and found out that I had actually bought a lovely old teddy bear and not a small collection of books.   It transpired that my Virginia Woolf book had actually been stolen from the auction, and the lot had been withdrawn.  The teddy though I still have, and he has happily lived with us as our mascot ever since – his name – YesterBear – cute huh?  

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