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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Rainy Days

Robbie and Charlotte ( my son & his  girlfriend) are now at the age where all of their friends are getting engaged and married.  They are home this weekend to go to a wedding at Priory Church.  The wedding is in an hour’s time and it is absolutely pouring down with rain -  I mean it is hammering it down. - not just a little shower but a full on deluge. The poor bride! Oh how I feel for her.  When we got married the same thing happened.  The heavens opened and let forth their wrath.   This was before the days of country house weddings it was church (for which I am not applicable – having never  been christened) Registry Office or nothing.  So we had a Registry Office wedding at the delightful venue of a Portakabin in Houghton Regis  because the lovely historic Dunstable Registry Office which overlooks the park,   was being refurbished. 

 Just after we had tied the knot and were sheltering under umbrellas getting ready to make a dash for the car, my Nan who was in her 80s  and extremely superstitious came up to me and whispered in my ear “Congratulations my darling -  but oh dearie me , this is a sad day, every drop of rain on your wedding day represents s a slap he’ll give you!”   Thanks for that Nannie – just what I needed to hear!  Twenty-five years on and  I somehow remain happily married, un-battered and content with my lot -  so much for old wives’ tales.  In fact whilst writing I think I see a break in the darkened skies. So here’s to Naomi and Steve – even though I have never met them.  May their wedding be joyous and their marriage long and happy.  And I do hope that they don’t have any superstitious old ladies ready to put the dampeners on what is already an extremely damp day.