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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pet Peeve

Do you know what I really hate? 

People who stick price labels on to the front of paper dustjackets.  
A tip - to remove the price from a glossy modern jacket  use a bit of lighter fluid - the sticker will lift clean off. 

Paper jackets though are a different matter because invariably, the paper will absorb some of the glue leaving a residue, or in trying to remove the sticker  some of the jacket will come off with the sticker leaving a little white patch.

Even auction houses, who really should know better do this.  Sticking their great big lot numbers on to lovely old book jackets.  So if you love books, don't do it.    

Ok rant over   - as you were!!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Post EU Referendum

It all feels a bit scary to me here today.  I just think that we all need to calm down, stop fanning the flames and let the dust settle.  Sometimes I think 24-hour news channels are the business, but on days like these, I would prefer to go back to just having a quick round up at 9pm.   Be kind to one another and let's hope we can find a solution to this great big mess/golden opportunity (?) we find ourselves in.
In case you arrived here thinking of buying a book just to reiterate - we welcome book buyers from all countries, We post to the EU and the Rest of the World.  Scottish, English. Irish (North or South) we love you  and as for the Welsh - well we are Williams's - enuff said.