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Friday, August 05, 2011

Greta and Me

For me, the very worst thing about working from home is that I am never left alone. I swear that my family have me on suicide watch.  Like planes at Heathrow airport - one goes out, one comes in - so far this week my record for time spent in solitude  is three and a half minutes.  Tony popped out to town and I thought I would get a chance to put on some very loud music, but I barely made it to the CD player before KW came in - and that was the end of that. My family just don't get it. If I mention it, they exchange looks which roughly translate to 'mum's a nutter.'  If I politely point out that I could just do with an hour to myself, they accuse me of not loving them.  Oh please.  I have a friend, who misses her children terribly when they are away with their father, and moans on facebook about how lonely she is and longs to be cheered up.  People are, understandably, extremely sympathetic and post her jokes and links to funny sites in an effort to make her happy - invariably it fails though, as she is bereft without her children there. Honestly, when I read her statuses, I want to go round and shake her and let her know just how lucky she is! (She knows I adore her really.) It's been such a long time I can't even remember how it might feel to have a whole night to myself.  Anyway  I am very much looking forward to spending my old age moaning to my children about how lonely I am - just like my aged grandparents did, but secretly I will be dancing with joy to VERY loud music and hoping that they don't pop round for tea and a chat!  So now you know what I have in common with Greta Garbo - apart from exceptional cheekbones of course!